Mini Ping Pong Tables

Mini Ping Pong Tables

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Best Mini Ping Pong Tables for All Levels of Play
World Outdoor Products Mini Ping Pong Table
Park & Sun Mini Ping Pong Table
Joola Mid-size Ping Pong Table
Master Mini Ping Pong - $79.00
Made by World Outdoor Products. Mini ping pong set includes paddles, balls, net & post.
Park & Sun Mini Table - $115.99
Great for all ages and for schools. Mini table tennis set ncludes net, paddles & balls.
JOOLA Mini Table - $156.51
Mid-sized table that folds for easy storage. This miniature table includes net & post set.


What Mini Ping Pong Table
Features Are You Looking For?

• Quality construction
• Easy to set up
• Portable
• Small-sized or Mid-sized
• Size and Weight
• For Kids / Small Children
• Color / Finish / Surface
• Metal or Wood Frame
• Cost / Cheap Priced or High Priced
• Multi-use as a card table
• Paddles/Balls included
• Warranty

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Do you have a hard time finding a quality mini ping pong table for a limited spaced recreation area in your apartment, condo, recreation room, or basement? Look no further - we help you find the highest quality mini ping pong tables for the right price for you to buy and enjoy. Watch our video to see how fun a mini table tennis match really is.

We have noticed there aren't many websites offering mini ping pong tables for sale via search engines like Google and Bing, and we want to help you in your search.

Our website strives to point you in the right direction to find some of the top mini ping pong table brand names. Popular mini table tennis brands we highly recommend to consider are Joola and Park & Sun.

Looking for more options?
Check out these other mini tables

The small ping pong table is typically 1/3 the size of a full-size ping pong table (or table tennis table as some like to call it). Official mini ping pong table dimensions are roughly 70" x 30", and some tables are even designed for portability, so you can take them to events, parties, or family gatherings. Choosing the right mini ping pong table size is very important! A portable mini ping pong table is ideal for traveling and easy storage.

The mini ping pong table is designed for those that have limited indoor recreation space. Regardless of the size, these mini tables are a blast to play on, and can help you hone your ping pong skills for competition on a full-size table.

Ping Pong Enthusiasts We Have Helped!

Testimonial for the S&S Mini Ping Pong Table*:

I just wanted to tell you that I took your advice and the miniature ping pong table came today. It's great! I may write you again for some ping pong club advice, but I just wanted to thank you right away.

When we first set out to buy a home, we wanted to have a room that a ping pong table could fit in. No such luck. After 8 years, I feel like a dream has come true with this mini table. I am so surprised that this is such a solid table. It is sturdy, handsome, and of good quality. Truth be told, the mini ping pong table is the way to go. And you can really play - hit the ball hard and fast. The net and holders look and feel durable. We may even end up using it for card games and dinner parties and then for ping pong afterwards. It's awesome.

- Carol in Ithaca, NY

*The S&S Mini Ping Pong Table is no longer available to purchase online

Which Mini Ping Pong Table Accessories Do You Need?

Ping Pong Paddles
Paddle Case
Ping Pong Balls

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Play Ping Pong in Small Spaces
Watch this Fast and Fun Mini Table Tennis Match Video!

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